The overall objective of the project is to develop a new product at ECD: RASSS, which allows a new area to be opened up in the company, namely the assessment of safety risks on ships in the event of unexpected events.

Safety at sea is a fundamental objective of maritime shipping policy for the protection of passengers, crew members, the marine environment and coastal regions. The tool developed, ‘RASSS’, is able to harmonise international standards on maritime safety and security management at sea, both in the planning phase of maintenance/recommissioning and in the navigation phase, it will therefore have a dual action, preventive and mitigating in case of emergencies generated by extreme marine weather events, malfunctions, attacks.

RASSS plays a key role in the field of safety, since it aims at a technological innovation that addresses a real need in the growth area of the nautical market, which state-of-the-art tools are not yet able to do, aiming at increasing the protection capacity of vessels through the development of a toolbox for protection through risk assessment in relation to hazards from accidental environmental causes.

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