About Us

Discover our history, skills and international experience

ECD srl (short for Engineering Computer Design) is a 12 year-old Genoa-based engineering studio specialized in plant parts for marine and industrial sectors.

Our workforce consists of 26 operating units in the Genoa office. Thanks to the actions implemented in 2017, further markets were opened, opening a new company based in the UAE during the advanced start-up phase, already operational with 17 operative people.

Management and Staff at ECD are particularly qualified, having had at least ten years of working experiences in specialized engineering companies in fields such as plant engineering, piping, marine and industrial design. These professionals are also in charge of training young engineers and graduates, enabling them to develop their skills through internal training courses on civil, naval, chemical and mechanical engineering, and through direct experiences in the office and on ECD’s clients’ plants.

ECD is always aiming at growth and quality, therefore all members of staff undergo constant evaluation to test skill levels and knowledge of specific fields of expertise.

Regular training courses are also held especially when a new or updated software is being implemented, be it a calculation program or 3D graphic computer design, or if the Client wishes for the project to be carried out using a specific or proprietary software.

ECDGE is part of ECD Group that includes ECD Import, leader in chemical industrial products import.

Our Activities

ECD’s team can offer experienced solutions in many working environments.

  •   Feasibility projects
  •   Studies and dimensional check
  •   Basic and project drawings
  •   “As built” drawings for Site
  •   Structural calculation for dimensioning of:
    • Metal structure supports (Industrial sheds, warehouses, scaffoldings, platforms, gangways, stair-towers, safety stairs, belt conveyors, tanks, sludge decantation and oily liquids tanks, hoppers, dust ducts, gas extractors, special supports, anti- shock and anti-vibration supports, etc.)
    • Support metal structures for automatic production lines-plant and machineries (electrolytic galvanizing lines, continuous casting lines, furnaces, EAF & L.F. furnaces, walking-beam furnaces, rolling mill lines, heating lines, drying and treatment lines, ventilation systems, etc.)
    • Hull structures and ship’s steel elements (structural blocks, beams plan, sluices, fire walls, etc.)
    • Tanks and pressure vessels (heat exchangers, steam boilers, steam and gas piping systems, etc.)
    • Machinery structures (gear boxes, diathermic oil tanks, thrust ring for moving, etc.)
    • Piping systems, pipe-rack and standard or special pipes supports, pumps, etc.
  •   Mechanical calculation for dimensioning of:
    • Machinery parts (drums, rolls, shafts, gears, transmissions, winches, etc.)
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic parts (cylinders, servo controls, hydraulic power pack,pumps, etc.)
    • Ventilation and conditioning plant (Industrial, civil and marine)
    • Industrial, civil and marine fire fighting plant (CO2, sprinkler, hydrant pipessystem, water-mist, inert gas, etc.)
    • Bolted or welded steel joint elements, special welding joints in different metallic materials.
  • Stress analysis verify calculation for:
    • Piping plant systems and their standard or special supports.
    • Tank and pressure vessel systems.
  • Technical editing as:
    • Erection’s technical specifications
    • Supply’s and construction specifications
    • Welding’ specifications
    • Maintenance specifications
    • Control checks and quality specifications
    • Material bill and cut or machine-work description lists
    • Personalized database following the client’s requirements
    • Use and maintenance instruction manuals
  •   Metal structures
  •   Civil design drawings
  •   Plants or parts of plants
  •   Automated production lines-plant and machineries
  •   Tanks and vessels
  •   Pipes and pipe-rack
  •   Data-base personalized under Client request
  •   3D animations
  •   Video and slides for:
    • Integration on existing habitat
    • Environmental impact
    • Operational simulations
    • Safety and Emergency operations
  •   2D and 3D drawings from Client’s input as:
    • Basic mechanical/plant drawings
    • Project mechanical/plant drawings
    • Erection’s detail mechanical/plant drawings
    • Detail and execution workshop mechanical/plant drawings
    • Coordination Plan
    • Stratigrapy and sections
    • Piping schemes
    • Pipe sketches and spools
  • 3D modeling
    • 3D animations
  • Technical documentations for:
    • Procurement
    • Site
    • Workshop
    • Maintenance
  •   Quality check activities on Client documentations as:
    • 2D and 3D drawings
    • Calculation reports
    • Technical specifications
    • Operating Procedures
    • Documents’ reliability
    • “As built” site drawings
    • Bill and list for extra-works or site modifications
  •   Technical Supervision activities as:
    • Measurements and surveys (preliminary and “as built”)
    • Dimensional check
    • Technical assistance on Site (depending on the type of plant or ship)
    • Materials check (with assistance of external Certified Analysis Laboratories)
    • Check on welding procedures
    • FEM verify
    • Structural controls on vessels and tanks as API650 and ASME standards
    • Test reports’ editing
    • Noises test for machineries, equipments and plants, by Official Technical Report and frequency analysis
    • Start up and on progress working site photographical book report